A simplified web experience

We improved Flip’s experience on web to make it even simpler to use. These improvements are based on suggestions requested by Flip users like you. 

Check out all of Flip’s new improvements and updates:

An updated navigation

  • Simple design: Access the camera, your videos, and groups from one view – the “Home” screen. On the left of the “Home” screen, you can find a list of active groups you created as an educator or you joined as a student. This is called “Groups home.” Flip automatically sorts the list to show groups with the most recent activity at the top.
  • Use dark mode: You can now activate Flip on web with dark mode in addition to light mode.

A unified view for educators and students

  • Educators and students share the same view: Educators and students now have the same general experience with some varied functions based on their roles. For example, some students might not find the option to create groups, but they still have the same view of their groups, topics, videos, and the camera.

Students can edit their video captions

  • More features for students: Students can now edit closed captions on their videos. These captions are moderated by our team to ensure the content is safe and follows Flip’s Code of Conduct.

Custom group links

  • Custom group links: Adapt your link to a word of your choice and share the word to make it easily searchable. 

Video playback

  • Immersive video playback: When you open a group, videos from multiple topics in that group start to play. Use the arrows to play the most recently posted videos in that topic. While you play a video, you can read the topic description, add comments, and edit closed captions all within the playback screen.

Manage your groups

  • Filter through groups you educator vs. groups you joined: You can now more quickly access the groups you own or have joined from the "Home" page, when you select your Profile photo bubble on the top right, and click "Manage groups Groups.png."

Invite students and share your groups

  • Create your groups and then invite students: You can now create a group without the need to invite students right away. To invite students after you create a group, go to your group and click Share Share.png at the top right. Select "More invite options Members.png" to invite students on Google Classroom, by email domain or with usernames. Learn more about how to invite students to your groups


A unified view for educators and students
  • If students have the same view as educators, does that mean they can also create groups?
    No, even though students have the same view, they won’t find the “Create group” option unless they’re already approved.
  • Will I still need to log in to separate accounts to view my groups as an educator or student?
    There’s no need to log in to separate accounts. You can easily view everything from one single account, with one view.
  • How do I know if I’m a part of a group as an educator or student?
    Each group will show a label at the top that reads “Educator” or “Student” so you can easily keep track of your role in that group.
  • Can I switch back to Flip’s old web experience?
    There’s no way to access the old version. However, you can still access all the tools like Discovery, Mixtapes, Achievements, GridPals, and Settings.
  • Can I pin groups to easily find them?
    We’re currently working on this for a future release.
  • Where can I find the list of groups I own as an educator vs. joined as a student?
    You can still find this option when you go to your Profile photo bubble at the top right and click "Manage groups Groups.png." Learn more about how to manage your groups
Students can edit their video captions
  • Now that students can edit their own captions, how do I make sure they’re safe?
    Flip’s Trust and Safety team set up automatic moderation across all of Flip, including video captions. You can read more about moderation on Flip here.
Search for anything in a group, topic, or video – release set for January 2023
  • When Search becomes available, how far back in time can I use the tool to find my groups, topics, and videos?
    You can search the topic or video regardless of the timeframe, as long as you’re an educator or student of the group and topic.
  • Does this mean that my groups and topics will become searchable by anyone?
    No, even if your group’s privacy settings are set to “Anyone can join,” users will have to be an educator or student of the group to search for them.
Custom group links
  • Can I make a custom join code for a topic instead of a group?
    This option isn't currently available. However, we encourage you to send us suggestions like this one. You can always send us feedback through Flip on web, when you visit “My Profile,” and click “Give feedback.”
  • Can anyone access my custom group link?
    When you create a custom group link, this doesn’t change your original group link settings. You can always choose who can join with your group link when you select between “Anyone with the link can join” or “Only people you approve can join.”
Archive your groups
  • What happens when I archive a group? Can it be unarchived?
    When you archive a group, your students won’t be able to access it and you won’t find it under your “Groups home.” Once archived, you can still find it in the ‘”Archived Groups”’ tab under the ‘”Manage Groups”’ list. If you ever change your mind about archiving a group, you can unarchive it at any time and make it active for students again!

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