Create mode: Make an effect focused video

You can create a video without recording video or audio. With create mode you can use the Flip camera’s effects to create visual cards as clips in your video.

Note: Many effects you use remain on screen when you switch between camera modes.

Web Browser Mobile Application
  1. Go to and log in.
  2. Choose whether you want to post the video to a topic or post it to your profile.
    • To post to a topic: Select the group > the topic where you want to post your video. Then, click Add to topic Add_video.png.
    • To post to your profile: In the top left, click Camera Camera.png.
  3. At the bottom, under Record Record__Squircle_.png, select Create.
    • A default background fills the screen.
  4. To choose the length of the clip, at the left of Record Record__Squircle_.png, click Clip length Stopwatch.png.
    • You can choose a clip length of 1 second, 3 seconds, or 5 seconds.
    • Depending on the length you select, at the bottom right of Clip length Stopwatch.png, a 1, 3, or 5 shows up.
  5. To choose a new background, at the right of Record Record__Squircle_.png, click Background Backdrop.png. Then, select a background or upload your own.
  6. Add additional effects from the effects drawer.
  7. To add your clip, click Record Record__Squircle_.png.

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