FAQs: A simplified web experience

We understand there are many changes that have come along with our new web experience. Don’t worry, almost all of the functionalities from the previous version of Flip are still available in this new experience.

Important: This article addresses only features within Flip that have changed. If you think your problem is an unintended change in experience, contact our support team.

Same features, new places

Here are some of the common features that have experienced changes:

Invite students to your groups

Video playback and comments

Take action on individual topics, videos, and comments

Farewell features

With these updates, Flip has removed some features for a better experience:

Bulk update topics and videos

  • While you can still take the same actions to individual groups, topics, and videos, it’s no longer possible to select multiple videos and update them all at once.

Other ways to sort and organize your topics

  • At the group level, you can still sort your topics. However, you can no longer sort videos within a topic. By default, videos are sorted from most recently posted. We found our users mostly interact with newly created content.
  • You can no longer browse all of your topics. To open a topic, you must first open the group for which the topic was created. We’ve made this change to make it easier to browse through topics from a particular group.

Submit your feedback

We would like to know how you feel. To share feedback on our recent updates or changes, please submit your feedback through Flip on web:

  1. Go to https://flip.com and log in.
  2. At the top right, click HelpHelp.png>Improve FlipFeedback.png.
  3. In the text box, enter your feedback. 
  4. From the dropdown, select the a category for your suggestion.
  5. Click Submit.

Learn more about how to submit feedback

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