Need a little creative help to generate your topic? Flip has a built-in Topic Copilot, powered by Azure OpenAI services, that can save you time by providing a list of topic suggestions in seconds. Here’s how:

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. At the left, in your groups home, select the group where you want to add a topic or create a new group.
  3. On your group page, click the pink button Add__Plus_in_square_.png to add a new topic or directly launch
  4. In the Topic Copilot pop-up window, enter keywords that match the type of topic or skillset you are hoping to support with the new topic, e.g., “social emotional learning” or “science unit on energy and matter”.
  5. You can choose an Age range and Language if preferred.
  6. Click Generate ideas and voila! Topic Copilot will generate a list of suggested topics for your group based on your keywords.
  7. You can choose one of the topic suggestions by clicking the and edit to your liking before posting or click to input a new set of keywords to generate a new list of ideas.
  8. At the bottom right, click Create topic and you are ready to share Share.png your topic.


How Topic Copilot works

We built Topic Copilot to help you save time in generating new topic ideas. The feature works by taking inputs from the educator, like keywords, student age range and language specification, and produces five question prompts using Azure OpenAI services. From the list of topic suggestions, educators can choose one of the topic suggestions and edit to their liking before posting or input a new set of keywords to generate a new list of ideas.

Prior to introducing this feature, the Flip team took great care to review potential outputs and protect our community from risk, including:

  • Topic Copilot is only accessible to educators and is designed to provide suggestions appropriate for classroom use.  
  • Topic suggestions provided by Topic Copilot will only be shown to students if published by the educator. 
  • The topic suggestion selected by the educator is run through our moderation services in the Topic Form to ensure a safe learning space for our community.

Because content in Topic Copilot is generated by AI, it might contain inaccuracies or sensitive material, so please be sure to verify information. If inappropriate keywords are entered into Topic Copilot, there is risk that inappropriate topic suggestions may appear so please use this tool responsibly, and do not attempt to use the tool outside of its intended use within Flip.

And as always, our Flip team is here to support you. If you receive unexpected results, please send us feedback so we can make it better.

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