Post a topic as a student

Students can now post topics to their educators’ groups on web and mobile. This lets you start discussions and further showcase your creativity on Flip. To post topics to your educator’s group, your educator must turn on this setting.

Important: If you’re an educator, learn more about how to allow your students to post topics.

When your educator turns on this setting:

You can

  • Edit the topic. This includes the topic title, description, recording time, and topic media. Learn more about how to edit a topic
    • Important: Currently, you can’t use Bitmoji for your topic’s media. 

You can’t

  • Delete topics.
  • Change topics to active or hidden.
  • Edit the advanced settings, like the ability to turn on topic moderation or topic guest password.
  • Find hidden responses in your topics.
  • Save Bitmoji or attachment links.

How to post a topic

You can post a topic on web and mobile:

Web Browser Mobile Application
  1. Go to and log in. 
  2. On the left, go to the group where you’d like to post a topic.
  3. If your educator turned on this setting, at the top right, you’ll find the button +Topic.
  4. Include a title and description for your topic. 
  5. Optional: Add topic media like photos, videos, and attachments.
  6. To set up the length of videos allowed in your topic, click from the options under “Recording time.” 
  7. Click Post    
Why can’t I create topics in a group?

Your educator must turn on this setting. If you can’t find the button +Topic, it means your educator hasn’t turned on this setting.

Can I delete a topic after I’ve posted it?

Yes, you can delete a topic you posted. You can’t delete any other topics created by other users.

Can I turn on topic moderation or let others use a guest password to access my topic?

No, these advanced settings are only available to educators.

Can I change my topics to active or hidden?

No, only your educator can do this.

Can I edit the topic title, description, recording time, and topic media after I’ve created the topic?

Yes, you can always change these settings after you’ve created a topic.

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