Allow students to post topics

Students can post topics to your groups on web and mobile. This lets students start discussions and further showcase their creativity on Flip.

When you turn on student topic creation:

Students can

  • Create and edit the topic: They can create and edit the topic title, description, recording time, and topic media. Learn more about how to edit a topic.
    • Important: Currently, students can’t use Bitmoji for their topic’s media. 

Students can’t

  • Delete topics.
  • Change topics to active or hidden.
  • Edit the advanced settings, like the ability to turn on topic moderation or topic guest password.
  • Find hidden responses in your topics.

Note: When you create a group for "University" and "Adult" groups, "Students can post topics" is turned on by default. You can set up topic permissions at the group level at any time.

Set up topic permissions

Web Browser Mobile Application
  1. Go to and log in. 
  2. On the left, go to the group where you’d like to set up topic permissions.
  3. At the bottom right of the group's cover image, click More More.png.
  4. Select Topic permissions.
  5. Set up your topic permissions:
    • All students can create topics: All students of the group can post topics.
    • Only educators can create topics: Only the educators and co-leads can post topics.
  6. Click Done



Can students manage their topic settings?

When students create a topic, they can't manage advanced settings. Students can only set the topic title, description, topic media, and recording time.

When students create topics, what topic settings are set up by default?

If students of the group are also educators in other groups, their default topic settings as educators will be applied to the topics they create as students.

For all other students, Flip will set the topic settings to our default settings.

Can I turn on topic moderation, hide topics, or let others use a guest password to access my topic?

The educator has full control of the topic settings and can change the topic settings for student-created topics, including topic moderation, activating or hiding topics, and applying a guest password.

Can I moderate topics created by students?

When students post topics, the topic will be active for all members of the group by default. The educator can always make the topic active, hidden, view-only, or delete it after the student creates the topic.

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