Uninstall the Schoology integration

If the integration doesn’t work, we suggest you delete the current integration and install it again. 

When you uninstall the Flip integration:

  • Students aren’t able to post new videos.
  • Videos posted to Flip remain in your members’ accounts.

How to uninstall the integration

When you uninstall the Flip integration, you disconnect your Schoology course from your existing Flip groups and topics. 

Important: After you uninstall, you will disconnect existing assignments with Flip and won’t be able to reconnect them. . The uninstall process helps with future assignments only.

  1. Sign into Schoology and select the integrated course you want to uninstall.
  2. On the left menu, click Settings. Then at the top, select Apps.
  3. Next to “External apps,” click View app configurations.
  4. Next to each instance of “Flipgrid," click Settings blobid1.png > Delete. After you uninstall the integration, set up a new integration between Schoology and Flip. Learn more about how to set up a Schoology integration

Tip: If someone else installed the integration for you like your IT department, administrator, or school district they can also uninstall it for you. Contact the person who installed the integration and ask them to remove it for you.


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