Do you have a question about Flip with Schoology or the integration? Check out these FAQs. 

How do students open the assignment? Flip keeps asking for a join code or password.

If the integration was successfully installed, students can join the Flip assignment through the Schoology website or app. They won't need a join code or password.

To open the assignment:

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  1. Log into the student Schoology account and navigate to the assignment.
  2. If the Flip topic doesn’t load directly on the assignment page, click Load [Assignment name] in a new window.
  3. To record immediately, click Add to topic.

After they record and post their response, the educator will receive an email that there was a new video posted to their Flip topic.

Can I integrate an existing topic or duplicate assignments?

At this time, the integration can’t connect previously-created Flip content with a Schoology assignment. If you want to use previously-created content or Discovery Library topics, you need to use Flip outside of Schoology.

These are some workarounds:

  • Create a new assignment on Schoology: Flip will automatically create a new topic that's connected to it. From your Flip educator account, you can edit the topic to copy over the details to the assignment. .
  • Duplicate the Schoology assignment, notthe Flip topic: Flip will create a new topic that's connected to the duplicate assignment.

Learn how to set up the Schoology LTI integration.

Can I use Flip in Schoology without the integration?

You can still share Flip groups and topics in Schoology via the usual methods. For example, you can share a join code or embed groups and topics into the webpage.

You can review these articles for more details:

Why is the “Share” button greyed out on my Flip topic?

Since the group is integrated into Schoology, it can't be opened by others outside of the Schoology course. Students must open the group from  Schoology. If you'd like to share the topic with others, you can disconnect the group from Schoology.

How can I duplicate or copy an existing Flip group or topic to Schoology?

pending instructions here

Where's Flip on the Schoology app store?
Learn more about why Flip may be missing from the Schoology App Store.
Can I reuse the consumer key and shared secret?

Yes, you can reuse the consumer key and shared secret across multiple courses. Learn more about where to find your Schoology consumer key and shared secret

Data shared between Schoology and Flip

The IMS LTI standards load these external resources:

Data fields


Link Schoology course to Flip group. 



Link Schoology assignment to Flip topic. 
launch_presentation_return_url  Provide Flip with an endpoint to communicate with Schoology. 
Link Schoology user to video responses recorded in Flip. 
Authenticate Schoology user and give access to Flip resources. 
tool_consumer_instance_guid  Identify whether the Schoology instance is on-site, or cloud based. 

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