Enable Flip for use with Google Workspace for Education

If your school uses Google Workspace for Education, your IT administrators can choose which third-party apps educators and students can access when they sign in with Google. This is an important step to ensure the safe handling of your data and your students’ data.

Since Flip is a Google verified and configured third-party app, you can easily enable access. 

How to enable Flip

Important: These steps are intended for IT administrators. If you're an educator, you can share these steps with your administrator. 

  1. With an administrator account, sign in to your Google Admin console.
  2. Go to the intro page of the guided experience.
  3. To view the first step, click Continue.  
  4. Under "Confirm settings for unconfigured third-party apps," enable 3rd party apps with Google sign-in.

Learn more about how to enable third-party apps with Google Workspace for Education.

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