A New Chapter for Flip - FAQ

For nearly 12 years, amazing educators like you have welcomed Flip into your classrooms to empower student voice, creativity and self-expression, and we’re excited to continue our journey together, now inside Microsoft Teams for Education.

In order to streamline the number of apps educators need to use in their classroom and integrate Flip into more natural assignment rhythms, we have moved some of the core Flip features into Teams for Education and will be retiring our web site and mobile apps by September 30, 2024.

If you are not already using Teams for Education, visit this page and click "sign up for free". Once downloaded and set up for your classroom, you can easily share video assignments and messages with students and receive video responses using the Flip camera. This saves educators time having to onboard to Flip outside of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem, and it enhances the already rich classroom management toolset available for our Teams for Education users.

Starting July 1, Flip will no longer be available in mobile app stores, and our web site on Flip.com will go into view-only mode. While you will no longer be able to create new groups, topics or videos after this date, you will still have access to download your Flip videos through September 30.

Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts, for all the great ideas, support and passion you’ve shown for Flip and for all that you do each day to empower future generations. While it’s incredibly hard to say goodbye to our Flip standalone apps, this community has meant the world to us, and we have every intention of continuing on our mission together to empower every learner. There are exciting new possibilities on the horizon for educators and students, and we look forward to what the future holds!

- Team Flip



How do I download and save my videos?

Visit our Help Center for step-by-step guidance: Download your videos – Flip Help Center


Flip goes into view-only mode on July 1. What does that mean?

This means you will be able to log in at Flip.com to view and save any of your previously created videos. You will no longer be able to create new groups, topics or videos. Flip will remain in view-only mode through September 30, 2024, during which time you can download and save any of your past content. This includes videos and response summaries. Learn how


Will my students still be able to see the videos in the groups and topics I created while Flip is in view-inly mode?

Yes. Through September 30, your Flip content will remain visible to you and others you’ve shared it with, and you can still view and download your videos on Flip.com.


Which Flip features will be included in Microsoft Teams for Education?Will I be able to create Flip groups and topics there?

Educators will have a limited set of core Flip functions available inside Teams, including sending video messages and assignments to students and getting students responses back using the Flip camera. Your class inside Teams will serve a similar role as a Flip group, and video assignments are similar to Flip topics. Additional features like comments, Mixtapes, and AR will not be available in Teams. Watch the videos below for more info:


What will you do with my videos and personal data after September 30? Will it move to Teams?

No data from Flip will be migrated into Teams. All videos and all user data across all systems of Flip will be fully deleted within 30 days of Flip’s sunset on October 1, 2024, in accordance with our Terms of Use, and Flip.com will no longer be available. 


My school does not use Teams for Education, and I would like to try the Flip camera option inside Teams. What do I do?

  • Visit https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-teams/education
  • Click “Sign up for Free,” and enter your school email address to get your free version of Microsoft Teams for Education.
  • Launch Teams for Education, and set up your class.
  • Create New Assignment, Choose "New" button and then "Flip video recording"
  • Record a video assignment to send to your students and get their responses all using the familiar Flip camera!
  • You can also set up a Flip Sharing Space in Microsoft Teams for Education for your students!


Will Flip integrations with other edtech apps still work?

After July 1, Flip LMS integrations with Canvas and Schoology will no longer be available. However, educators will soon be able to add Teams Assignments using the Flip camera inside Microsoft Teams for Education right into their LMS assignments list, and sync the grades and feedback into the LMS grade book. The Teams Assignments LTI integration brings Learning Accelerators like Reading Progress, Flip video assignments, Microsoft Forms, Whiteboard, OneNote Pages, MakeCode and all of the new generative AI features of Teams Assignments to your LTI 1.3 compliant LMS. Interested customers can sign up for preview information at: https://aka.ms/LMSPreview


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