Add and manage co-leads in your groups

Invite others to help manage your groups with co-leads. Co-leads are able to create topics, moderate videos, provide feedback, and more. There's no limit to how many co-leads can be added to a group. The co-leads also have all the same settings and notifications as the group owner,

Tip: If the person you want to add as a co-lead doesn't have a Flip account, have them sign up for one at

Add co-leads to your groups

To invite a co-lead, you must use the exact email of their Flip lead account. If they don't receive a co-lead invite, have them check their email they use for Flip. After a lead accepts the invitation to become a co-lead, they are able to manage the group

  1. Go to
  2. Click Groups Groups.png.
  3. Next to the group, click More More.png > Add co-leads Colead.png.
    • If you already have co-leads for this group click Manage co-leads Colead.png.
  4. In the text box, enter an email address associated with a lead account.
  5. Click Invite.

You know you successfully invited a lead account when their profile pops up under “Co-leads” in the pop-up box.

Tip: To add and manage co-leads to a Google Classroom group, you must use a Google email.

After you invite a co-lead, they get a message at the top of their Flip account where they are able to accept or decline the invitation for the group. They also get an invitation in their email.

Manage your co-leads

As the group owner, you can easily view, add, and remove co-leads from your group at any time. A group owner is the only one who can add or remove co-leads.

Important: You aren’t able to transfer group ownership to others.

Find and remove co-leads

  1. Go to
  2. Click Groups Groups.png.
  3. Next to the group that has co-leads you want to remove, click More More.png > Manage co-leads Colead.png.
  4. Under "Co-leads," click Remove.
  5. Check the box. Then, click Remove.

Block and unblock co-leads

If you choose to block a co-lead, they’re not only removed from the group but you’re also not able to invite them back to the group without unblocking them first. If you unblock a co-lead, they’re status as a co-lead is restored.

Block a co-lead
  1. Go to
  2. Click Groups Groups.png. Then, select the group that has the co-leads you want to block.
  3. Click Members Members.png.
  4. Next to the co-lead, click More More.png > Block.
  5. Click Block.
Unblock a co-lead
  1. Go to
  2. Click Groups Groups.png. Then, select the group that has the co-leads you want to block.
  3. In the top right of the group, click More More.png > Edit group Edit_pencil.png.
  4. Click Settings Settings.png.
  5. Next to "Privacy," click the down arrow Down.png.
  6. Under "Blocked Members," next to the co-lead, click Unblock.
    • If you want to unblock all members at once, click Unblock all.

Share topics with co-leads

You can let co-leads view topics you created in a group without sharing their accompanied member videos. This lets co-leads duplicate topics to their own groups. Simply add them as co-leads without inviting them to join your group. 

  1. Go to
  2. At the top left, click Groups Groups.png.
  3. You can:
    • Select the group with the topic you'd like to share with a co-lead.
    • Create a new group and a topic to share it with a co-lead.
  4. Under the group title, click Add a co-lead.
  5. Enter a lead's email.
    • Important: You must enter the email used by the lead on Flip.
  6. After the co-lead accepts your request, they'll be able to view topics in your group and duplicate them to other groups.

If you'd like to share and expose your topics with a larger lead community, you can become a Flip partner and submit your topics for consideration to the Discovery Library. Learn more about how to become a Flip partner.


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