Invite students by email or domain

Educators can specify which emails or domains can join a group and its topics. Emails and domains must be managed by Microsoft, Google, or Apple. After you set up emails or domains, you can invite students to your groups and topics.

Important: If you want to make your group more private, you must select "Only people you approve." Learn more about who can join your group with the two available link options.

The difference between an email and a domain is:

  • Email: You can add individual student emails to a group. This means that only those emails are allowed to join the group.
  • Domain: You can add specific school or district domains. A domain is everything after the “@” in an email, for example “”. When you choose this, anyone who has an email with that domain can join.

Tip: If you’re prompted to sign in, make sure to choose the email host (Google or Microsoft) that corresponds with the apps your organization uses. For example:

  • If you use Google Classroom, Docs, and Drive, sign in with Google.
  • If you use Word, OneDrive, or Teams, choose Microsoft.

Note: If your students don't have emails, they're able to join with a username or QR code.

How to add students by email or domain

To add students to a group, you’re able to enter emails one by one in your group settings. If you want to add multiple emails at once, you can create a spreadsheet file with a list of emails and upload it to your group.

Important: You can only add a list of students by spreadsheet on Flip on web.

Web Browser Mobile Application

To upload a spreadsheet, the file format must be ".CSV" (also known as "Comma delimited"). Other file formats won't work. Download our spreadsheet template.

  1. Go to and log in.
    • To create a new group: At the left, click +Group > Group__empty_.png Create a group. 
    • To add students to an existing group: At the left, in your groups home, select a group.
  2. At the bottom right of the group's cover image, click Share Share.png.
  3. In the "Share group" box, click Other ways to add people > Email address or domains.
  4. Add emails or domains.
    • One by one: In the text box, enter the individual student emails or domain. After you enter each email, click Add Add__Plus_in_circle_.png.
    • Upload a list: Below the text box, click Upload a CSV. Then, select the file you want to upload.
  5. At the bottom, click Invite.
How to format the CSV file

The spreadsheet should include a single heading: "email". Here's an example of how to format the spreadsheet:


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