Add members by username or QR code

If your members don't have Microsoft or Google accounts, Flip makes safe and secure sign in easy with usernames. You're able to create usernames, which can be a name, initials, lunch pins, or any easy-to-remember combination. When you create a username, a unique QR code is also created for the member to scan on the Flip app for mobile devices and tablets.

Important: This setting is permanent. After you choose the username join method, you cannot change to a different join method. You also cannot change your group to a username group if you already have group members who joined through another method.

How to set up usernames

You’re only able to add usernames on Flip for web. This includes when you create a group for the first time.

When you create usernames, you’re able to add special characters and letters to help you and your members better remember them. There's no limit to the number of usernames you can make for each group. You can upload a spreadsheet list of up to 250 usernames at a time.

Important: To upload a spreadsheet, the file format must be ".CSV" (also known as "Comma delimited"). Other file formats won't work. Download our spreadsheet template.

To set up your group with usernames:

  1. Go to
    • To create a new group: Click +Group.
    • To add members to an existing group: Next to the group you want to update, click Edit group Edit_pencil.png.
  2. Scroll and click Add username instead.
  3. In the "Create a username group?" message, click Yes, that's ok.
  4. Add your members' usernames.
    • One by one: In the text boxes, enter the corresponding information. Then, click Add Plus_sign.png.
    • Upload a list: Above the text box, click Upload a CSV. Then, select the file you want to upload.
  5. After you add all your member, at the bottom right, click Create group or Save changes.
How to format the CSV file

The spreadsheet should include 3 columns, with the first row of headings: “first_name,” “last_name,”and “id.” Here’s an example of how to format the spreadsheet:

first_name last_name id
John Smith JohnSmith20
Joan Harris JoanH10

How to share with members

After you create the group, you’re able to share the group’s Join code. You can also share a unique QR code for each member, which allows them to join the group. This is especially helpful if your group meets in person and you want to easily and quickly have them join a newly created Flip group.

To verify their identity, members must enter their username. Only members with a username added in the group settings are allowed to join.

Important: You aren't able to access the unique member QR codes until after the group is created.

To find each member's unique QR code:

  1. Go to
  2. Next to the group you want to share, click Edit group Edit_pencil.png.
  3. Scroll to the "Username" list. Next to each member, click More More.png > Print QR Code QR_code.png.
  4. Print out the QR code.

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