You can embed Flip into any LMS or webpage. Students are able to record and watch videos from the page in which Flip is embedded. students to watch and record videos without having to leave your desired page. The exact steps to embed depend on your LMS or webpage.

Important: Google and other sites may block videos from being recorded when embedded. To access the topic on Flip, use the Join code or link instead of embedding it.

How to copy the embed code

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. At the left, in your groups home, select the group with the topic you want to embed.
  3. Next to the topic you want to embed, click Share topic Share.png.
  4. In the "Share topic" box, click Copy embed code Embed.png. This automatically copies the HTML code.
  5. Go to your LMS, blog, or website. Open the HTML editor and paste the Flip embed code into your page.

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