Share and watch videos with FlipAR

FlipAR lets you experience videos with augmented reality. Users can scan a video’s QR code and view the video projected within their camera’s mobile screen, in their real surroundings. This feature makes it easy for leads to share videos through the QR code option so that others can experience them in an interactive way. 

How to share videos for use with FlipAR 

  1. Go to
  2. Click Groups 
  3. Click on a Topic 
  4. You can:
    • Share individual QR codes: Go to a video, click Share Share.png > Share QR code QR_code.png. 
    • Generate QR codes for multiple videos: Select the checkmark at the top of your video list, click Actions > Print QR Codes QR_code.png 

      5. Print out or digitally share the QR codes. 

How to view videos with FlipAR

  1. Scan a QR code of an individual video.  
  2. Shake your phone so that it captures different imagery. 
    • Important: This might take a moment to load. 
  3. The video will be inserted in the space captured by your camera. 


Supported Devices


  • Apple devices generation 2015 and up 
  • iPhone 6s and up 
  • iPhones with iOS 12 and up
  • To check if your device has Apple's "arkit" compatibility, visit the iOS Device Compatibility Reference page


  • Android devices with Android OS8 (Oreo) 
  • Android devices with OS7 have limited support 
  • To find a list of Google supported devices and if they have special operating system requirements, visit the ARCore supported devices page.

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