Duplicate groups and topics or move topics

You’re able to duplicate your group and all its topics, duplicate individual topics, or move a topic from one group to another.

Important: When you duplicate a group or a topic, member videos and comments within those topics are not duplicated. You must manually duplicate and add member videos to topics.

How to duplicate a group or topic

When you’re a lead of a group or topic, you’re able to duplicate either one. All custom settings you changed for the group or topic carry over to the duplicate. When you duplicate a topic, the topic remains in the original group and you’re able to select in which group to put the duplicate.

Important: You’re only able to duplicate groups and topics on Flip for web. Currently, this isn’t available on the Flip app.

Groups Topics

When you duplicate a group, all the topics within the original group are also duplicated.

  1. Go to admin.flip.com.
  2. Near the top left, select Groups Groups.png.
  3. Hover over the group you want to duplicate. Then, click More More.png > Duplicate group Copy.png.
  4. In the "Duplicate this group" box, click Duplicate

A new group with “[DUPLICATE]” before the name of the group is created. Learn how to edit your group settings.

How to move a topic

You’re able to move a topic from one group to another. When you move a topic, it removes the topic from the original group.

  1. Go to admin.flip.com.
  2. Near the top left, select Topics Topics.png.
  3. Next to the topic you want to duplicate, More More.png > Move topic.
  4. In the "Move this topic" box, click the down arrow Down.png.
  5. Select the group where you want to move the topic.
  6. Click Move.

Can you archive a group or topic?

Flip doesn't have a way to archive groups or topics. but you're able to delete or hide them.

  • Delete a group or topic: After you delete a group or topic, you can't undo it. All the contents of the group or topic is deleted. When you delete a group, all of its topics are also deleted.
  • Hide a group or topic: After the group or topic is hidden, members can no longer open it. You can still access the group or topic whenever you want and can change the status at any time.

Note: Members can still access the videos they recorded and posted that were deleted from the group or topic on their profiles.

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