Wakelet Shorts Integration

The Shorts integration in Wakelet is for leads only.
At this time, Flip Shorts inside Wakelet is for lead use only. We are working on powerful updates for members. In the meantime, any Flip video can be embedded in Wakelet right now! Just copy/paste the share link from your Flip lead account into any Wakelet collection.

What does the integration let me do?
The Wakelet + Flip integration allows you to record videos directly into a Wakelet collection using the new Flip Shorts Camera.

Where can I use the new Flip Shorts Camera on Wakelet?
Shorts currently works with Chrome, Edge and Firefox! You can launch the Flip Shorts Camera in your Wakelet collection on any computer with a webcam!

Why is it asking me to sign up for Flip when I want to add a video?
You will initially need to sign up or log in to Flip to link your Wakelet account. Once linked, Flip videos recorded in Wakelet will be stored in Flip. You can access and delete your videos from the Flip Lead Dashboard via the “Shorts” tab.

I’m having difficulties logging in to use Flip Video on Wakelet - what shall I do?
Try logging out of Wakelet and then logging in again. This usually helps! If you continue to have issues you may have to clear your cookies on shorts.flip.com - email support@wakelet.com if you need any assistance with this or that still doesn’t work.

If I delete a video on Wakelet will it delete on Flip?
No. You will need to go to your Flip Shorts account to delete the videos. Once they are deleted they will no longer show on Wakelet, however you will still want to delete the empty video item in your Wakelet collection.

I’ve logged in to my Flipaccount but don’t see my videos. Where are they?
Make sure you’ve signed in to Flip with the same email address associated with your Wakelet account. Your videos will appear under the “Shorts” tab of the Lead Admin. 

How long can a Shorts video be?
You can create a 3 minute long video using the Flip Shorts camera on Wakelet.

Can my members use the integration?
No. This integration is just for you, the lead! If you want your members to record videos from Wakelet, simply set up a Flip Topic and paste the link in your collection!


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