I get a camera error message

Use this article if you get a “There’s an issue with your camera” error message when you try to record a video. This error happens when the device doesn’t properly load. Instead, Flip may recommend you use the basic camera, which allows you to record but not edit or pause.

Turn on the hardware acceleration setting

  1. Confirm you use the latest version of Chrome.
    • In your URL bar enter: chrome://settings/help
  2. In your URL bar enter: chrome://settings/?search=hardware+acceleration
  3. Turn on Use hardware acceleration when available.
  4. Close the browser and restart the device.
For devices managed by a school or organization

If you use a school managed device, have your school IT confirm camera and microphone access is allowed in the Google Chrome Active Directory policy.  

Schools that manage devices also need to check the settings for 3D content:

  1. Go to Device Management > Chrome > Settings > User & Browser Settings > Content.
  2. Make sure "Always allow display of 3D Content?" is checked.

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