Record without audio

You're able to mute your microphone while you record a video. You're still able to add music if you want your video to have some audio.

Note: If you want to capture audio but your videos are not capturing audio, here's our recommended steps to help to record audio.

Web Browser Mobile Application
    1. Go to and log in.
    2. Choose whether you want to post the video to a topic or post it to your profile.
      • To post to a topic: Select the group > the topic where you want to post your video. Then, click Record Add_video.png.
      • To post to your profile: In the top left, click Camera Photo_camera.png.
    3. At the top right, click Options More.png > Mute Mute.png.
    4. Choose any other effects you want to use.
      • You can also add new effects while you record.
    5. When you're ready, click Record Record__Squircle_.png.
    6. When you’re ready to review your video, at the bottom right, click Next Forward.png.
    7. To post your video, at the bottom right, click Next Forward.png.
    8. On the “Post video” screen, post or save your video.

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