Create and post a video

Ready to share your voice? You can create a video either on the web at or on the Flip app. You’re able to either record and submit a video directly to a topic or to your profile. Learn how to join a topic.

To create a video response, there are 3 general steps:

Step 1: Record your video

After you open the Flip camera, you’re able to set up and record the type of video you want. Add camera filters, texts, and to help share exactly what you want. Learn about all the Flip camera's options and effects.

Step 2: Review your video

After you record, you can watch what you just recorded and decide how you went to edit your video or add music to it. Learn more about how to edit your video.

Step 3: Post your video

Add a cover image or brief description for your video, then choose whether to post it directly to a topic or to your profile.

How to record and post a video

You’re able to add a response directly to a topic if you’re in that topic or when you’re ready to post a video. If you don’t want to post to a topic immediately, you can save the video response to your profile and add it later.

Note: Some camera options and effects may differ between Flip on the web and the Flip app. Learn about all the Flip camera's options and effects.

Web Browser Mobile Application

Important: You can record multiple clips before you go to the review step. Each time you record and stop recording, a new clip is added.

  1. Open Flip.
  2. Choose whether you want to post the video to a topic or post it to your profile.
    • To post to a topic: Select the group > the topic where you want to post your video. Then, click Add response.
    • To post to your profile: In the top right, click Camera Camera_web_.png.
  3. In the Flip camera, to record your video, click Record Record__Squircle_.png.
    • Before you record, you can choose different options or effects to set up your response.
    • You can also change some options and add effects while you record.
  4. To stop recording, click Stop record Stop_record.png.
    • To delete the video and try again: In the bottom left, click Retake Retake.png.
  5. To go to the review step, in the bottom right, click Next.
  6. Review your video. Learn more about how you can edit your video.
    • To trim the video clip: Under the video player, click the video clip bar. To adjust the length of the clip, select one of the 2 thick blue bars and move it along the clip. When you’re done, in the bottom right, click Confirm.
    • To add another video clip: Under the video player, to the right of the video clip bar, click Add more Add__Plus_in_square_.png. Select the type of clip you want to add.
  7. To go to the post video step, in the bottom right, click Next.
  8. If you want, you can edit your response’s cover image and caption.
    • To change where to post the video: Under “Post to:”, click Change. Select the topic from the list, or enter a topic name in the search bar. After you selected the correct topic, click Continue.
    • To return to the review stage: In the bottom left, click Edit video Back_arrow.png.
  9. To post your video, in the bottom right, click either Post to topic or Save to my profile.

How to post a video from your profile

You’re able to post a video to any topic that you're a member of from the “My videos” page in your profile. 

Important: When you remove a response from a topic, the video isn't deleted. You're able to find it again in your "My videos" page.

Web Browser Mobile Application
  1. Open Flip.
  2. At the top right, click your Profile photo bubble Profile_bubble.png > Profile.  
  3. Scroll to “My videos.” 
  4. Under “My videos,” hover over a video. At the top right of the video, More More.png shows up.
  5. Click More More.png > Post to Add__Plus_in_square_.png.
    • To remove a video from a topic: Next to the topic name, click Remove X.png. In the "Remove from topic?" box, click Remove.
  6. In the "Post to topic" window, click the down arrow Down_arrow.png. Then select the topic.
  7. Click Post to topic.

Post a video to a moderated topic

When a topic is moderated, it means that only you and your leads can view your video in the topic. Your leads can activate the video at any time, which allows all other members in the group to view it.

  • “Moderated topic” label: This label shows up on the topic’s page, above the topic's name. You can also find it at the top right of the comments section for any video posted in the topic.
  • Video message: After you post a video, a message says that only leads and co-leads can view your video until leads activate in the topic. The message shows up:
    • Before you post the video: In the “Post video” screen.
    • After you post the video: When you click “Go to topic.”
  • Comment message: After you try to post a comment, under your name where you typed the comment, a message says the topic is moderated and the comment has to be activated before it shows up.

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