Edit student video details

You're able to edit student's response description and link at any time, which helps you manage responses. The student can also edit this same information after they post a response. If you or the student want to edit the content or another detail of their response, they must create and submit a new response.

Important: If your group uses the username join method, you're able to edit additional response details like the user's name and display name. These options aren't available if your group's members sign in to Flip with their email.

How to edit response details

  1. Go to info.flip.com and log in.
  2. At the left, in your groups home, select a group.
  3. Select the topic where the response you want to edit is posted.
  4. At the top right of the video's cover image, click More.png for more  > Edit_pencil.png Edit response details.
    • You can also search for the response. In the "Search responses" text box, enter information about the response. 
  5. Update the response's information.
  6. Click Save.

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