Are member videos private?

Group leads control member access as well as the visibility of each member's video within a topic.  Group leads have a number of options to make sure member videos are only seen between the lead and their members.

Join codes

Every topic or group has a unique join code, with 8 random numbers and letters. This join code also creates a link that leads can share with members. As the lead, you decide who you share the join code or link with and if needed, the lead can remove or block members from a group


In addition to the join code, leads select one of four different access types during setup. Members and participants must log in using the access type for the group to join the topic. Access types are: 

  1. Email - Members enter the join code or link and join using Microsoft or Google accounts. Only those with a Microsoft or Google email that matches the lead's approved emails can open the topic. 
  2. Usernames - Members enter the join code or link and input their username, which is created and assigned by the lead. 
  3. Guest Password - Leads can invite family, peers, or other communities to join a topic by entering a password once they've opened the join code or link. 
  4. Invite by link - Leads can create groups and invite members with a link that can be shared with anyone or select people. Leads can share a link for new and existing groups.

Approve member activity

Group leads can choose to approve member activity on their topics. This means videos are only visible to the lead and hidden to all other group members. The lead can choose to make those visible or keep them hidden.

Member Privacy Pledge

Flip's privacy terms already outline our industry-leading privacy and security commitments supported by the team at Microsoft. We are used by educators and community leaders throughout the world and the privacy of your members' data is very important to us.  including COPPA and FERPA student privacy laws. We do not sell member data or share it with any marketers. At any time, Group leads can delete a member video and it is permanently deleted. We abide by the Student Privacy Pledge, which pledges us to “Not collect, maintain, use or share member personal information beyond that needed for authorized educational/school purposes.”

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