Topic moderation lets you approve videos and comments sent by members before they're active in your topics. Only you, your co-lead, or the member who submitted the response can review it.

Important: When you're ready to activate a video or comment, you can manually approve them.

Turn topic moderation on or off

When you turn on topic moderation, all video responses and comments are automatically posted as "Hidden" until you make them active.


  • If videos and comments were posted before you turned on "Moderate videos and comments," they continue to show up to members. Learn how to hide a response or comment.
  • Even if you turn on "Moderate videos and comments," members will be able to edit their video details or delete their response from their My videos on their profile page.
    1. Go to
    2. In the top left, click Topics Topics.png.
    3. You can either:
      • Select a topic and then in the top right, click More More.png > Edit topic Edit_pencil.png.
      • Hover to the right of a topic and click Edit topic Edit_pencil.png.
        • Note: To create a new moderated topic, in the top right, click +Topic.
    4. On the top right, click the Settings tab Settings.png.
    5. Below "Topic Status," turn Moderate videos and comments on or off.
    6. Notice the moderation message changes:
      • "Moderation is on. Responses and comments will stay hidden until you approve them"
      • "Moderation is off. Turn on moderation to approve each response and comment for your topic."
    7. Click Save changes.

How members know a topic is moderated

When a topic is moderated, your members can find a label in multiple places or get different reminder messages depending on what they do.

  • “Moderated topic” label: This label shows up on your topic’s page, above its name. Members can also find it at the top right of the comments section for any video posted in the topic.
  • Video response message: A message tells the member that only their lead can see the video until they approve to share it in the topic. This message shows up on both the “Post video” screen before they post their video, and pops up again after they post the video and click “Go to topic.”
  • Comment message: After a member comments on a video, under their name where their comment would be, a message tells them the topic is moderated and their comment has to be approved before it shows up.

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