There are a few different reasons why a video might not post successfully, such as:

  • Older version of the web browser or Flip app.
  • Reduced performance because of other applications or other tabs in the background.
  • Firewall restrictions.
  • (Web) Web extension issue.
  • (Mobile) Storage limit is reached.
  • (Mobile) Slow network speed: You get a message for this error.

Before you try to troubleshoot your issue, make sure you:

Note: If your video submitted correctly but you have issues with playback, troubleshoot playback issues.

Troubleshoot the upload error

Web Browser Mobile Application

If you aren't able to submit your video and you get an error that it can't be uploaded, try to download the video. After you download it, you're able to import the video into Flip.

Note: Flip on web works best with the Microsoft Edge browser. Download Microsoft Edge.

Video upload tips

  1. Find out if your system is compatible with Flip.
  2. Find out your web browser's version and update to the latest version.
  3. Close any other tabs or applications. Another website or application in the background may cause the issues.
  4. Make sure there aren’t any browser extensions interfering with your upload. Open an incognito or private browser window. Then, go to your Flip and create and submit another video.
  5. Open another browser and try to create and submit another video. This helps identify an issue with the browser versus a systemwide issue.
  6. Restart your device and try again.

Note: If you still have issues, try another computer or your mobile device. You can download the Flip app for free on iOS or Android.

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