Use the Flip Edge and Chrome extension

The Flip extension for Chrome and Edge lets you access your topics and groups from the Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers. 

How to download the Flip extension

Depending on the browser you use, go to either the Flip extension page for Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

Click Get (Edge) or Add to Chrome (Chrome).

Click Add extension

After you add the extension, the Flip logo will show up as a button either next to your browser’s address bar or in the extension menu.

Note: School-managed devices, such as Chromebooks, may prohibit students from adding any extensions. Please contact your IT department for any assistance allowing the extension.

How to use the Flip extension

  1. Next to your browser’s address bar, click the extension.
  2. Enter your join code for your group or topic. Then, click the blue arrow.
  3. Your group or topic opens up in a new tab.

Tip: You can use a keyboard shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + F to open the extension.

Learn more about how to get started:

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