My camera's screen is black or stuck

Use this article if the Flip camera screen is all black or never leaves the “Loading” screen.

Important: Flip functionality may change depending on which browser you use. We recommend you use the latest versions of Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

Browser camera tips

  1. Find out if your system is compatible with Flip.
  2. Flip must have permission from your browser to access both your camera and microphone.
  3. Make sure there aren't any browser extensions interfering with the camera.
  4. Find out your web browser's version and update to the latest version.
  5. Open another browser and try to open the Flip camera again. This helps identify an issue with the browser versus the device itself.
  6. Is Flip embedded into another webpage? If so, go to and enter your Join code (your group's unique link). Embedded topics can cause Flip camera issues.

Select your microphone and give it access

Flip requires both camera and microphone permissions. If the microphone doesn't work, the camera may not start either. Learn how to give your microphone access.

Update your Windows device's camera

If these steps don't resolve your issue, you can try to update your device's camera. Learn how to update your camera driver.

Important: After you update your driver, make sure to uninstall and reinstall it.

Each PC device may also have specific camera settings to review

If you continue to have issues, submit a support request that includes:

  • Your device information (you can copy here: System Check (
  • Confirmation you reinstalled the camera driver.

Contact us

If these troubleshooting steps still don't provide a solution and you have any questions, we are here for you. You can contact our Support team here.


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