Limit student video posts and recording time

You’re able to limit the length of student videos anywhere from a maximum of 15 seconds to 10 minutes. Currently, there’s no option to limit the number of videos a student can post to a topic. There are a couple of options for you to moderate your topic or change your topic status to give you more control over your topic and how videos are posted:

  • Moderate student activity: When you turn on topic moderation, all video responses and comments are automatically posted as "Hidden" until you make them active. While students can still post as many videos as they want, you determine which videos can be viewed by other students. Learn how to moderate your topic.
  • Hide student videos: You’re able to hide individual student videos posted to the topic. Learn more about how to activate or hide videos.
  • Change topic status: You can change your topic status to “View only.” Students are no longer able to post new videos to the topic. This setting is helpful after every student in the group has already posted a video. Learn how to change your topic status.

How to set recording time for your topic

By default, the maximum recording time for a student video is 2 minutes. You’re able to adjust this time with a range of preset options from 15 seconds to 10 minutes.

  • Educator videos can exceed the maximum recording time set for the topic. The maximum length a video saved to Flip can be is 10 minutes.
  • If you or a student needs to post a video longer than 10 minutes, here are a couple recommendations:
    • Record multiple videos in Flip and title them as "Part 1," "Part 2," and so on.
    • To include a video on the topic page longer than 10 minutes, you can embed a single YouTube or Vimeo video, or attach links for multiple videos. Learn how to add media or attachment links.
  • The limitations are specific only to the topic. Anyone is able to create videos of 10 minutes long and save them to their “My videos.” However, if they want to post to a topic, the video length can't be longer than the maximum recording time the topic allows.

To set a recording time limit for your topic:

Web Browser Mobile Application
  1. Go to and log in.
  2. At the left, in your groups home, select a group.
  3. Next to the topic you want to update, click more More.png > Edit topic Edit_pencil.png
  4. Under "Recording time," click the down arrow Down.png.
  5. Select the recording time limit for student videos.
  6. At the bottom right, click Update topic.

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