Review videos a member posted to a group

Leads can review all videos sent by a specific member in response to a group. To do this, you can go to a group and select the "Members tab."

Important: Members will show up in the "Members tab" after they join the group. If your group is set to "Only people you approve," once they send a request to join the group, their request will show up at the top of the "Members tab." 

To review videos a member posted to a group

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. At the left, in your groups home, select a group.
  3. Under your group's cover image, click Members Members.png.
  4. Click on a member's Profile photo bubble Profile_bubble.png.
  5. A list of videos posted to the group by the member shows up.
    • Note: To go back and review the list of all members in the group, at the top, you can click < Members.

Actions you can take on a member's video

Note: You can not take actions on member's videos directly from the members list. You must open up the individual video.

  • Click the video link to view it as a member
  • Review the date the video posted
  • Share the video with a QR code, link, embed the video, or share to Microsoft Teams, Google Classroom, or Remind
  • Change the video's status to "Active" or "Hidden"
  • Click More More.png, then choose what you want to do.
    • Edit the video's response details: You can edit the description and link for the member's video. Learn more about how to edit response details.
    • Add the video to Mixtapes: This lets you showcase members videos from across topics and share with others. Learn more about Mixtapes here.
    • Delete response: This will permanently delete the video from the topic. Members can still access the videos they recorded and posted that were deleted from the group or topic on their profiles.
    • Download video: Download the video to your device.
    • Download cover image: Download the video's cover image to your device.
    • Edit captions: Captions are automatically captured through the member's audio. You can easily edit the caption with this option. Learn more about editing captions here.

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