Getting Started: Members

As a member of a group, you’re able to join topics and post videos from your web browser or mobile device.

Sign in and join your group or topic

You’re able to join a group or topic as long as you have a way to sign in to Flip and a join method. To sign in to Flip, you need either:

Note: Guest passwords can only be used to join a topic. If you need to join a group, ask your lead for help.

Before you try to join a group or topic, make sure that your lead shared one of the following join methods:

  • Join code (e.g. Flip13567, a591dc5d)
  • QR code
  • Join link (e.g. or

Note: If you aren’t sure you have any of these options, ask your lead.

Learn more about device requirements and compatibility.

Web Browser Mobile Application

Important: If you plan to join a group with a QR code on your computer, you must have the QR code printed out or on another device because your computer's camera is used to scan the QR code.

  1. Identify your join method.
    • For Join code: Go to Then, enter Join code.
    • For QR code: Go to In the "Enter a join code" text box, click QR code QR_code.png. Allow Flip to use your camera. Then, line up the computer's camera with the QR code and wait until your device automatically scans it. 
    • For Join link: Click the join link that was shared with you.
  2. Sign in to Flip.
    • Members who have an email: Depending on who hosts your email, select Join with Microsoft, Join with Google, or Join with Apple. Then, sign in to your email.
    • Members who have a username or guest password: In the text box, enter the username or password.
  3. After your sign in is complete, the group or topic you joined should open. You're now a Flip member.

Add to the group

Now that you're a member of a group or topic, you can express your unique voice. You're able to use the Flip camera's features and effects to add a video to a topic. Learn how to record and submit a video

Select any topics where you're a member and view any posted videos. If your lead allows, you can add a video or text comment to those posted videos.

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