GridPals: connect with educators and classes around the world!

Flip was created for a single class, (Charlie’s University of Minnesota PHD students, to be exact), but it didn't take long for educators to begin using Flip to connect with classrooms around the world.

Leads have made thousands of connections, using Flip to increase social learning, global empathy, and cultural understanding. You inspired us to create CoPilots so you can collaboratively manage your Group with a fellow lead. Then Bonnie McClelland stepped up, created the world's nicest signup form, and started the GridPals movement. Now, meeting and connecting with fellow educators (and their classes) is easier than ever.

  1. Log in to your Educator Dashboard.
  2. Complete your Profile.
  3. Activate GridPals.
  4. Toggle ON Email Invites to allow fellow GridPals to contact you at your connected email address. Please know, your email is not shared until you reply.

Ideas for connecting with your GridPals!

⚡️ LEARN from diverse perspectives & see what life is like from a different point of view. To get started, simply have your class introduce themselves to others.

🔎 #GridPals Introduction Topic
🔎 #GridPals Mystery Location Topic
🔎 #GridPals Weather Center

GridPals can also learn more about each other by sharing views about world events, family life, sports, religion, music and talents.

⚡️ SHARE a love of learning with others. Members love sharing their favorite books with others while receiving recommendations for new books to explore.  This promotes positive reading habits and allows members to have thinking partners both in and out of their classroom.  Whether sharing a book or celebrating learning achievements, members will have fun being inspired by the happenings in each other's classrooms!

🔎 #GridPals Book Buddies
🔎 #GridPals Weekly Highlights

⚡️ SUPPORT others by sharing strategies for learning.  Although members may work towards different standards all over the world, growth in learning is what's common among them.  Co-planning learning experiences with your Co-Lead(s) will encourage members to take risks, share ideas, seek ways to address problems, and offer solutions. Encourage your members to create videos sharing learning or ideas that challenge their thinking, to ask for assistance,  or a model of a strategy to gain understanding.

🔎 #GridPals Math Challenges
🔎 #GridPals Ideas in Innovation
🔎 #GridPals Question Parking Lot
🔎 #GridPals Fail Forward

Setting Up your Group or Topic for Collaboration!

When connecting with other learning communities for GridPals, we suggest adding the other leads as Co-Leads on your Topic. This will allow them to help set up your Group/Topic, moderate, and facilitate the collaboration.

If your collaborating classes use Microsoft or Google accounts, you should use the member email permission type. Your Co-Lead will be able to add their school's email domain, granting their members access to the Group or Topic. The member email permission type does not require you to input each individual member's email address. If your members don't have Microsoft or Google accounts, use the member username option which will allow access through a simple username or QR code.

Connecting with others will help members to IMPROVE reading, writing, speaking, listening skills, content understanding, increase MOTIVATION and GLOBAL EMPATHY, help members participate in and ADVOCATE for equitable learning experiences, and meet FUTURISTIC LEARNING needs.

Go forth and LEARN, SHARE, and SUPPORT one another with GridPals!

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