Create a group or topic

Groups let you organize topics and easily share them with a single group join option. You can share all the topics in a group by using a join code, join link, or QR code.

After you create a group, you can add as many topics as you'd like. Topics are conversation starters for members to begin participating and responding with videos.

Learn more about how you can share your groups.

How to create a group

When you first create a group, you’re able to choose its name and group image, and how to share your group with your members. To join Flip, a member must have either an email or a username.

Important: If your prospective group members do not have their own emails, learn how to create usernames so they’re able to join the group

Web Browser Mobile Application
  1. Go to
  2. Make sure you’re on the Groups homepage.
  3. Click +Group.
  4. Update your group's details.
    • Under "Name," in the text box, enter the group name.
    • If you want to change the randomly selected group theme image, click Edit image Edit_pencil.png. Then, select an image or upload your own.
  5. Choose your Join code or link setting:
    • Anyone with the link: Anyone who has the join code or link can join the group, regardless of whether you added them as a member.
    • Only people you approve: If someone tries to join your group, and you didn’t add them as a member through their email, domain, or Google Classroom, you can approve or deny their request to join. This is the default setting selected.

      If your members don't have emails, you can create usernames for them. Learn more about how to add members by username.
  6. In the bottom right, click Create group.

How to create a topic

  1. Go to
  2. You can either:
Search for a group where you'd like to create a topic
    1. Click Groups Groups.png.
    2. Select a group.
    3. At the bottom right, click +Topic.
    4. Include a title, description, and settings.
    5. Click Create group.


Create a topic and select the group where you'd like to post
    1. Click Topics Topics.png.
    2. At the top right, click +Topic.
    3. Include a title, description, and media. You can also change other settings and the recording time.
    4. To select the group where you'd like to post the topic, click Post.
    5. From the dropdown, select an existing group where you'd like to post your topic.
    6. Click Post.

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