Have a question about Flip with Canvas, or the LTI integration? Check out the FAQs below.

How do students open the assignment? It keeps asking for a Join code or password.

If the LTI was successfully installed, students need to open the Canvas website or app first to join the Flip Assignment - and they won't need a Join Code nor password.

  1. Log into the student Canvas account, and navigate to the assignment.
  2. The Flip topic will either load directly on the assignment page, or click Load [Assignment name] in a new window.
    1. If they're on a computer:
      1. To record immediately, click Add to topic.
    2. If they're on a mobile device:
      1. Download the free Flip app first, from the Android Play Store or iOS App Store.
      2. Open the Assignment in the Canvas app, and tap Launch External Tool.
      3. Tap Record a Response, after Flip opens in a web browser, and then Open in app after the prompt.
      4. They will be dropped directly into the recorder on the Flip app.

After they record and post their response, the videos show up in the Canvas SpeedGrader for educators to review.

How can I duplicate or copy an existing Flip group or topic to Canvas?
At this time, the integration cannot connect previously-created Flip content with a Canvas assignment. If you wish to use Discovery Library topics or those created previously, you would need to use Flip outside of Canvas. Otherwise, we can suggest the following workarounds:
  • Create a new assignment on Canvas, and Flip will automatically create a new topic that's connected to it. You can then edit this Topic from your Flip educator account, to copy over the details from an existing one.
  • Add details to the Canvas assignment instead of the Flip topic, and then duplicate the assignment instead. Flip will create a new Topic that's connected to the duplicate assignment.
Learn how to set up Canvas LTI integration.
Can I split students into smaller groups within the Course?

The LTI will allow all students that can participate in the course to access your associated Flip group and all its topics. That said, however, you can split your students into smaller groups using Canvas:

  1. Split your students into different course sections
  2. Create a new assignment for every section
  3. Assign each assignment to only the students in that specific section

Please view this excellent video walkthrough by Flip's Andy Knueven, to see how this is done; and how to grade all video submissions from every course section at once in SpeedGrader.

If you don't need the SpeedGrader integration for Flip, you might consider skipping the LTI with Canvas and simply share individual Flip topics with smaller groups in your course via join links.

What happens when students submit multiple videos for the assignment?

When a student submits multiple videos in response to a Flip topic, they become available in SpeedGrader via the Submission to view dropdown in the top-right corner. The most recent submission will be at the top. 

Please note the following as well:

  • The LTI simply lumps all recorded videos into a collection, as one "submission" from the same student. Thus, SpeedGrader will only allow you to submit one grade per student for the assignment. If you'd like to grade comments, make sure to do this directly on Flip.
  • SpeedGrader doesn't provide any context or indicator to help you identify each type of response, for example the difference between a video or comment.
  • Comments to video responses in a topic will not show up on SpeedGrader. 
Can I use Flip in Canvas without the integration?

You can still share Flip groups and topics in Canvas via the usual methods e.g. Join code or embedding into the web page. Check out these articles for more details!

Please note, however, that responses to Flip topics shared this way will not appear in SpeedGrader since they're not connected to Canvas.

Why is the 'Share' button greyed out on my Flip topic?

The group is integrated into Canvas, so it can't be opened by others outside of the Canvas course - and students must open it from inside Canvas. If you'd like to share the topic with others, you can disconnect the group from Canvas.

Where's Flip on the Canvas app store?
Why is Flip missing from the sidebar in Canvas?
Can I reuse the consumer key and shared secret?
Data sharing between Canvas and Flip

Integration between Canvas and Flip is built on REST APIs provided by Canvas, which supports loading external resources using the IMS LTI standard. Specifically, to enable SpeedGrader integration, Flip leverages Canvas’s LTI Assignment and Grade Services (AGS) specification, which provides us with the following information:

Data field(s) Usage
Link Canvas course to Flip group.
Link Canvas assignment to Flip topic.
launch_presentation_return_url Provide Flip with an endpoint to communicate with Canvas.
Link Canvas user to video responses recorded in Flip.
Authenticate Canvas user and give access to Flip resources.
tool_consumer_instance_guid Identify whether the Canvas instance is on-site, or cloud based.
When I add Flip to the sidebar, I keep getting an authorization issue. Is this normal?

Yes, this usually happens when adding Flip to the sidebar. We recommend not adding it to avoid any connectivity issues.

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