Open the immersive reader

The Microsoft Immersive Reader shows up across Flip to help you read the content on the screen. It reads text aloud, translates text, and helps you focus on the text with various features you can turn on or off. You’re able to open the immersive reader tool whenever you find the Immersive reader icon Immersive_reader.png.

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To learn more about immersive reader, go to Microsoft's Immersive Reader help page

How to find the immersive reader

You’re able to use the immersive reader on both Flip on web and the Flip app. You can find the immersive reader on the following Flip content:

  • Topic prompt page: After you open a topic, at the top right, select Immersive reader Immersive_reader.png.
  • Videos and Mixtapes with speech: Where you find the immersive reader in on an open video differs between Flip on web and the Flip app.
    • Flip on web: At the bottom right of the video, next to the Closed captions Immersive_reader.png.
    • The Flip app: At the bottom right of the video, tap More More.png > Immersive reader Immersive_reader.png.
    • Important: If the video has no audio or has no audible words, the immersive reader won’t show up. 
  • Text comments on videos: Next to the comment you want to read, select More More.png > Immersive reader Immersive_reader.png
  • Discovery Library: After you open a topic, you can find the immersive reader at the bottom left of the topic box.

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