Flip Certified Level 2: Certified Expert

Ready to become a Level 2 Flip Certified Expert?

Deepen your understanding and enrich engagement on Flip! Become a Certified Expert by:

  1. Earning your Level 1 Flip Certified Educator Badge

  2. Completing the Beyond the Basics course on Microsoft Learn.
    Note: you'll need to create a free Microsoft account to complete the quiz at the end (You can use the same login you created for the Level 1 course).

  3. Exploring how you can engage families and the community by creating a MixTape and adding at least 3 videos from across your Topics.

  4. Sharing your voice by posting a video on this Topic.

Once you have completed the course and recorded on the Topic, email Jess at FlipCertifications@microsoft.com with a screenshot of the completed course and the link to your MixTape; upon receipt, she’ll activate your badge within a week!

*Note your badge on Flip will not be automatically updated when you complete the course, make sure you send the email in order to complete your Level 2!

Thank you for diving deeper and becoming a Flip Certified Expert (Level 2)! When you're ready, climb to the highest level with the Level 3 Certification: #GridGuide.

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