Flip Certified Level 2: Certified Expert

Ready to become a Level 2 Flip Certified Expert?

Deepen your understanding and enrich engagement on Flip! Become a Certified Expert by:

  1. Earning your Level 1 Flip Certified Educator Badge.
  2. Completing the Beyond the Basics course on Microsoft Learn.
    Note: you'll need to create a free Microsoft account to complete the quiz at the end (You can use the same login you created for the Level 1 course).
  3. Exploring how you can engage families and the community by creating a MixTape and adding at least 3 videos from across your Topics.
  4. Sharing your voice by posting a video on this Topic.

*Your badge will be updated within 48 hours of completing all of the steps.  If you do not see it within that time frame, please email FlipCertifications@microsoft.com


Thank you for diving deeper and becoming a Flip Certified Expert (Level 2)! When you're ready, climb to the highest level with the Level 3 Certification: #GridGuide.

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