Important: While we transition from Flipgrid to Flip, it may take some time for the name of the app to change in the Canvas app store. Learn about Flip.

If you have trouble after following our installation guide, here are steps to resolve some common issues. If none of them work or apply, you can reset your integration with our uninstallation guide instead.

Videos missing from SpeedGrader

If none of your members' videos show up in SpeedGrader

Something went wrong with the LTI installation. It's difficult to determine what specifically, so we recommend deleting the integration and starting from scratch. Learn how to uninstall Canvas LTI integration.

If some of your members' videos show up in SpeedGrader

There could be several reasons:

  • Topic wasn't added via Canvas assignments: For your Flip topic to be connected to SpeedGrader, you must add this topic via Canvas's assignments tab. When creating a new Canvas assignment, select External Tool as the "Submission Type" and then select Flip as the tool.
  • Members didn't use the latest version of the Flip mobile app: Before your members try to record and post their videos, ask them to ensure the Flip mobile app is up-to-date.
  • Members accessed Flip via sidebar: Previously, when you added Flip to Canvas, the default setting shows Flip in the course sidebar. Videos won't show in SpeedGrader if members submit them via this navigation sidebar access, so you can remove it from the course sidebar. New integration installations will not have this issue.
  • Members switched topics manually: Members' videos may not show up if they switched topics (Canvas assignments) within Flip. To make sure integration works properly, members must enter each new assignment through Canvas.
Camera issues or missing buttons on Flip

When Flip is embedded into the Canvas assignment, you may have camera issues or missing buttons. To fix these issues, update your assignment settings to open Flip in a new tab:

  1. Sign in to Canvas and select the course you want to update.
  2. At the right, click Edit assignment settings.
  3. Under "Submission type," turn on Load this tool in a new tab.
  4. At the bottom, click Save.
Can't sign in to Flip on Safari or Firefox

Unfortunately, Safari and Firefox may block the ability to sign in as a lead when one website is embedded into another. You have to go directly to to log in, or use another browser to sign in through Canvas. We recommend Microsoft Edge or Google Chrome.

In Safari or Firefox you don't have to sign in to your lead account to create Canvas assignments with Flip as the external submission type and review videos via SpeedGrader in Safari or Firefox.

LTI launch error or "Connect Flip to Canvas" with red rectangle
"We can't find this group or topic" error message

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