Learning opportunities on Flip

Learning loves community, so let’s learn how to best engage our learners. You can invite families into the classroom to celebrate success and take part in free Flip professional development offerings.

Utilize Flip professional development

For ideas and tips on how best to use Flip in your classroom, explore Flip's professional development resources:

  • Join the "Think it, Flip it" group: This group of educators and members of the Flip engagement team hosts learning sessions to help you discover interesting ways to integrate Flip into your classroom. Join the group: https://flip.com/thinkitflipit.
  • Sign up for free professional development trainings: Register for and attend Flip's weekly professional development trainings at aka.ms/FlipPD. Take sessions that show you the basics of Flip or focus on more specific topics like tips for social-emotional learning. You can also get a more customized experience for your school or district with a custom professional development request: aka.ms/RequestFlipPD.
  • Visit the educator toolkit: For more information on how you can use Flip, how to find us on social media, and other interesting information, go to the Flip educator toolkit.

Get your students and their families involved

Here are some dynamic ways educators can use the power of Flip to help plan parent-teacher conferences, engage families throughout the school year, and get everyone involved:

  • QR Code displays: Bring your student displays to life by adding Flip QR codes. Each code links to a student sharing the magic behind their project. Families can scan, watch, and enjoy at any time. Explore more ideas on X.
  • Engage Families with a guest password for a topic: To provide a simple way for families to access a topic and view or reply to videos, set up a guest password.
  • Parent-Teacher and Student-Led Conferences: Celebrate achievements, encourage growth, and support continued learning by sharing Flip videos with families during conferences. Ask learners to choose the videos that best represent their learning and ask families to reply and leave a special message for their child.
  • Newsletter Groups: Keep families up-to-speed with important dates to remember, curriculum content, resources, and learning strategies via a group titled “School Newsletter.” Families who speak a different primary language can use the Immersive reader to translate content.
  • Class MixTapes: Curate a view-only collection of Flip videos to showcase the learning happening in your class. Families can Follow your MixTape to get notified when you add new videos.

We hope you have fun engaging your families and community in the learning process with Flip!

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