Select a cover image for your videos

You’re able to create or select a cover photo for your videos.

Tip: Flip selects a cover photo for you if you don’t want to select your own.

How to select a cover photo

You’re able to select one of the following options for a cover photo for your video:

  • Select a frame from your video: Choose a specific image from the video you created.
  • Take a selfie: Use the camera and its effects to take a selfie.
  • Upload a photo: Choose a photo that's saved to your device.
  • Add a nametag: Flip creates a nametag of your display name. You can change the font style and nametag colors.
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To add a cover photo to your video:

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. In the top left, click Camera Photo_camera.png.
    • You can also select a group > a topic. Then, click Add response.
  3. Record your video. Then, click Next Forward.png.
  4. Review your video. Then, click Next Forward.png.
  5. On the “Post video” screen, at the bottom of your cover photo, click Edit cover Photo_camera.png.
  6. Select the cover photo option you want for your video:
    • Select frame: Under your video click and drag the blue line with circle until you reach the video frame you want.
    • Take a selfie: In the camera, choose the effects you want. Then, under the camera image, click Take photo Record_app_Camera_.png. To retake the selfie, in the bottom left, click Redo selfie.
    • Upload photo: In the “Upload photo” box, click and select a photo. Or you can drag and drop a photo file into the “Upload photo” box from your computer.
    • Add nametag: Under the nametag, in the “Nametag” drawer, click the style you want. To change the background and font color for a specific style, continue to click that style.
  7. At the bottom right, click Confirm.
  8. On the “Post video” screen, fill out additional information or select a topic to post your video to.
  9. When you’re ready, at the bottom right, click Save to my profile or Post to topic.

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