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We’ve made many exciting updates to Flip, including the transition of Shorts features to My videos. Shorts will be permanently removed after Friday September 1, 2023, but you can continue to use My videos with all of Flip camera’s fun features 

To save your Shorts videos, individually download them by September 1, 2023. Learn more about how to use My videos.

Important: Shorts are only available on web.

Download your Shorts videos

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. In your "Groups home" page, on the left, click My videos.
  3. Under your profile name, select the Shorts tab.

Upload to My videos

After you download your Shorts videos, to continue to share them on Flip, upload them to My videos.

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. In your "Groups home" page, on the left, click My videos.
  3. On the right, click Add video  Add__Plus_in_square_.png
  4. When your camera opens, at the top right click Upload clip Upload_arrow.png > Upload video.
  5. Search for the video you downloaded and click Next.
  6. On the bottom right, click Save to my profile.
    • Tip: “Save to my profile” is automatically populated. You can also save your video to a topic.

Share your video

Now that your Shorts video is saved to My videos, make sure to reshare it so that others can easily find it.

  1. Go to and log in.
  2. In your "Groups home" page, on the left, click My videos.
  3. Locate and point to your recently uploaded Shorts video.
  4. On the top right of your video, click More Share link Share.png .
    • Tip: You can copy the link or share to Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, or Remind.


What if my Shorts video was used as media for one of my topics?

If one of your topic’s media includes a Shorts video, it will no longer show after September 1, 2023. We recommend you upload your Shorts video to My videos and replace your topic media with the downloaded video. Learn how to add or remove media to your topic 

What if I recorded a Shorts video with Wakelet?

To make sure your Shorts videos recorded on Wakelet aren’t lost:

  1. Under your “Shorts tab” on Flip, search for the video recorded on Wakelet.
    • Tip: If you recorded on Wakelet when My videos wasn’t available, it would have automatically saved to Flip under the “Shorts tab.”
  2. Follow the 'Download the Shorts video' and 'Upload to My videos' steps above.
  3. To reshare the video to Wakelet follow 'Share your video' steps above.
  4. Go to Wakelet. Paste the URL in the Wakelet collection as described here.

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