August 2022

Customize your group's join link

  • After you create a new group or for any of your existing groups, you can edit the join code in the link to characters of your choice. There are some guidelines to keep in mind, like character limit.

Experience the new "Record button," landscape mode, and other camera updates

  • Access buttons a lot quicker, like the "Record button" and "Mic only."
  • On your mobile device, create a video in either portrait or landscape mode.

Set your group type

  • When you create a group, you can select from different group types like Classroom and Education, Clubs and Organizations, Friends and Family, and more.

Get messaging for hidden and active content

  • When you record and post a video to a group, you get a message letting you know if your video will be hidden or active in a topic right away.

June 2022

Flipgrid is now Flip

  • We've changed our name to Flip. We have a new name and a new look, but we’re still the same product you know and love.

May 2022

Become a lead, if you're a member

  • Some members might be able to update their current member account or create a new lead account that gives them lead capabilities, like group and topic creation.

February 2022

Get notifications on your activity feed & activate push notifications

  • All Flip users have an activity feed that shows notifications when there's activity in any of your groups or topics.
  • If you use the Flip app on your mobile device, you can get push notifications for activity in your groups and topics.

December 2021

Create groups with "Anyone with the link can join"

  • Leads can create groups with the link set up as "Anyone with the link can join." That means the group link can be shared so that anyone who clicks it can join. Leads can change this group link setting at any time. 

Sign up for students: Use a school email address

  • Students on Flip should use their school email address. If they'd like to become a lead, they might be eligible to use a personal email address. To check their eligibility, they must use their school email address and follow these instructions.

Find your videos in your profile

  • Leads and members are both now able to find the videos they create, either in response to topics or created independently, in their profiles. 

Explore new camera backdrops

  • We're constantly improving our Flip camera. Leads and members can explore new camera backdrops. 

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