Add music to your video

You’re able to add instrumental music tracks while you create your video directly within Flip. Find just the right music track to help you express exactly what you want in your video.

How to add music to your video

While you review the video you just recorded, you’re able to add various music tracks provided by Flip. You currently aren’t able to upload your own music.

Important: Make sure you add music before you post or save your video. You aren’t able to edit a video after you post or save it.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you add a music track:

  • You’re only able to select one music track for your video. This track will play throughout your entire video’s runtime. The track repeats if it ends before your video does.
  • You can’t add music until after you record your video and go on to review the video. After you add music, you still have all the same options you normally have during the review step such as trim a clip, add, delete, or split a clip, and download your video (the video must only have one clip).
  • After you add a music track, your video may take longer to upload and post or save in Flip. If this happens, you can always download your video and upload it. Learn how to import a video.
  • Add music only works on certain devices or browsers. Make sure to check the most recent device requirements and compatibility.
Web Browser Mobile Application
  1. Go to and log in.
  2. In the top left, click Camera Photo_camera.png.
  3. Record your video. Then, click Next.
  4. On the Review screen, at the bottom, click Add music Music.png.
  5. In the “Music” drawer, find and listen to music tracks. 
    • To listen to the music track before you add it: At the left of the track, click Play Play.png. To stop the track, click Pause Pause__regular_.png.
    • To go to a specific type of music: At the top of the music drawer, select one of the types of music.
  6. Next to the track you want to add, click Add Add__Plus_in_square_.png. After you add a track, the icon next to “Add music” changes to Soundwave Soundwave.png.
    • To adjust the volume of the track: At the bottom, click Add music Soundwave.png. Then, at the bottom of the “Music” drawer, on the volume slider, click and drag the circle.
    • To remove the track: At the bottom, click Add music Soundwave.png. Then, at the bottom of the “Music” drawer, at the right of the volume slider, click Remove X.png.
  7. When you're finished reviewing your video, in the bottom right, click Next.

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