Students: Use a school email address to sign up to Flip

To keep Flip safe, students should sign up with a school email address.

Important: If you're no longer able to access your school groups, you might need to sign in with a school email. You can always access the comments you sent with your personal email on 

Existing members: Sign in with your school email

If you received a message asking if you're a student, that means you tried signing in with personal email. To join a group or topic, make sure you sign in with a school email.

Important: Before you sign in with a school email, sign out of the account connected to your personal email. 


Desktop Mobile

Step 1: Sign out of your personal email

  1. Go to
  2. At the top right, click your Profile photo bubble Profile_bubble.png.
  3. Click Sign out. 

Step 2: Sign in with your school email 

To join a group or topic, use a join option. Your educator can give you up to three join options: a Group join code, a join link, or a Flip QR. 

  1. Go to 
  2. Use one of the three join options: 
    • Group join code: At the bottom, enter the code. 
    • Join link: Click the link given by your educator. 
    • Flip QR: In the lower right, click the QR QR_code.png and use your computer’s camera to scan it. To let Flip use your camera, click Allow. 
  3. To join the group or topic, you can choose a Google or Microsoft email as provided by your school. 
  4. To send videos or comments, click on a topic > Add response.
Desktop Mobile

1. Go to 

2. At the top right, click Signup.

3. Choose Sign in with a different email.

4. Include your school email address. 

5. To start using Flip, include your birthdate, country or region, and community.

  • Important: We'll only use this information to confirm you're an adult. We won't save this information.

How to access and download your previously posted videos

Important: Regardless of the status of your Flip account, you can always take these steps to download your videos and comments. 

  1. On a browser, go to 
    • Tip: Make sure you’re logged in to the account you used to create your videos. 
  2. At the top right, click your Profile photo bubble Profile_bubble.png.
  3. Click Download All Data > Request Download
  4. In your email, you’ll get a link with all your videos and other data. 
    • Important: This can take some time. 

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