You can manage your groups to quickly find, update, or share the given group with your community.

Note: The options you have for a group when you go to manage groups differ between whether you're an educator or a student of the group.

Web Browser Mobile Application
    1. Go to and log in.
    2. At the top right, click on your Profile photo bubble Profile_bubble.png > Manage groups Group__empty_.png.
    3. Choose how you want your groups to display: 
      • To view all your groups or archived groups: At the top left, select either Groups Groups.png or Archived groups.
      • To filter your groups: At the top right, click Filter groups List_sort.png. Then select between All groups, Groups I lead, or Groups I've joined
    4. Next to each group in your groups list, choose what you want to do:
      • To open the group: Click the group name or cover image.
      • To edit your group (educators only): Click Edit group Edit_pencil.png.
      • To share your group (educators only): Click Share Share.png
      • To find more group options: Click More More.png. Then select what you want to do.
        • The options to change email notifications and to report the group show up for both educators and students.
        • Options for educators of the group include: Archive group, Duplicate group, Export data, and Delete group.

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