Report inappropriate content

If you notice content on Flip that you believe is inappropriate, you can easily report it anonymously or not. You can do this at the group, topic, video response, or comment level. 

Learn more about what happens after you report content on Flip. 

How to report content 

You can report content anonymously, after you log in to your account, or when you access a group with an invite link. The ability to report content at different levels lets you report the specific content you believe is inappropriate. If you wish to report inappropriate content anonymously, please submit a request by filling out this form, else please follow the directions below:

  1. Go to and log in.
    • Tip: If you access a group with an invite link, you can report the group, topic, video response, or comment after you click the link even if you haven’t joined the group. 
  2. At the left, from your groups home, select the group you want to report. From here, you can also report a topic or video response if it lives in that group. 
  3. From a group, you can:  
    • Report a group 

      At the bottom right of the group cover image, click More More.png > Report group Report.png. 
    • Report a topic 

      From the topics list, at the right of the topic you want to report click More More.pngReport topic Report.png. 
    • Report a video response 

    1. Click on the topic where the video is posted.  
    2. Click on a video response.  
    3. Under the video, on the right, click More More.pngReport video Report.png. 
    • Report a comment 

    1. Select the video response with the comment you want to report. 
    2. At the bottom right of the video, click Comments Comment.png
    3. Next to the comment you want to report, click More More.pngReport comment Report.png. 

Submit an NCII form

If you notice any non-consensual intimate imagery, in addition to reporting it on Flip, you can also report it to Microsoft by submitting an NCII form for additional review.  

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