Edit your Flip app settings

The Flip app allows you to easily access device permissions and customize your app experience. The app settings are separate from your account and group or topic settings.

How to edit your app settings

  1. Open the Flip app.
  2. At the bottom, tap your Profile photo bubble Profile_bubble.png.
  3. At the top right, tap More More.png > Settings Settings.png.
  4. You can turn these settings on or off:
    • Only available on iOS: Permission settings
    • Personalize and options settings.
      • Only available on iOS: Appearance
      • Shared device
      • Save videos to library.

Permissions settings

Important: This shortcut setting is currently available on iOS only.

The permissions shortcut setting takes you to your device’s settings. From there, you can turn on or off settings like access to the device’s camera, microphone, and photo library. Learn more about how to change your permission settings on mobile.

Note: You’re not able to record a video if you don’t have both camera and microphone permissions turned on.

Personalize and options settings

The personalize and options settings help you customize your Flip app experience.


Important: This setting is currently available on iOS only.

The appearance setting allows you to choose whether you want the Flip app to be in light or dark mode.

  1. From the Flip app settings, under “Personalize,” tap Appearance.
  2. Select the appearance mode you want:
    • System default: This uses whatever your overall device’s settings for light/dark mode are.
    • Light mode: The Flip app always shows in light mode, regardless of your device’s appearance setting.
    • Dark mode: The Flip app always shows in dark mode, regardless of your device’s appearance setting.

Note: When you first open Flip, the initial loading screen shows your device's appearance setting.

Shared device

If you share your device with multiple users, you can turn on this option to have Flip ask for your sign in information each time you open the app.

Save videos to library

When this option is turned on, the videos you create in the Flip app are also saved to your device’s photo library.

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