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Flipgrid is now Flip! We have a new name and a new look, but we’re still the same product you know and love. Flip is for the classroom, your home, and wherever you want to take it – because learning happens everywhere.

Most importantly, Flip is still safe, inclusive, accessible, and free.

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The product 

Is Flip different than Flipgrid? 

Flip is the same product but with a new name and a new look. You can use Flip on the web or on our iOS and Android apps. We will be continuing to improve Flip in ways that make it easier to use. 

Groups and privacy settings 

Will my students still use and access Flip the same way as Flipgrid? 

Absolutely. Your students will continue to join groups with a join code or link, respond to topics, send comments, and create new videos the same as they did on Flipgrid. The same group permissions still apply. You can learn how to set up access to your groups here.

Do my existing Flipgrid groups and settings remain the same on Flip? 

Our privacy options remain the same on Flip and all of your existing group’s privacy settings won’t change. On Flip, educators can still control access to their groups and topics by choosing who can join their group links 

Allow/block Flip in school 

With the name change do I need to do anything to ensure Flip is allowed at my school? 

If you were using Flipgrid on a school device you may need to coordinate with your school’s IT admin to adjust your school’s web content filtering policy. They should confirm:

Privacy Policy & Terms of Use 

Are there any differences to the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use for Flip compared to Flipgrid? 

Weve made some updates to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use by adding the following: 

  • Our brand name change to Flip. 
  • More details to educator and student responsibilities and permissions. 
  • An enhanced Code of Conduct, so that we continue to respect all voices on the platform. 





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