When you select a group, you'll see the traditional topic view, but you can toggle the group feed which automatically plays videos most recently posted to that group. As you swipe, you can watch videos in order of newest to oldest. 

Find your group feed

Important: This feature is currently only available on mobile for Android and iOS devices.

Web Browser Mobile Application
  1. To go to your "Home" page, go to info.flip.com and log in.
  2. On the left, from your "Groups home" select a group.
  3. Your group feed begins to play the most recently posted videos to any of the topics in that group.
  1. Open the Flip app.
  2. Under Groups.png Groups, you'll find video thumbnails of the most recently posted videos. 
    • Note: Group home displays groups with the newest videos at the top.
  3. To view a group, tap on its title or any of the video thumbnails.
  4. Tap the group feed icon.
  5. The most recently posted video will display at the top and begin to play.
  6. To play the most recent video in full screen mode, swipe up.
  7. To view more videos, swipe up again.
  8. Once you review all videos posted to the group, you get a message that says, “You’ve seen it all!

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