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Last Updated: September 27, 2022

Welcome to Flip! 

Above everything else, we are so excited you want to use Flip to help empower and inspire within your learning community. Flip is social learning- a place for you to ask questions, share ideas, experiment, debate, explore, or anything you want to ignite discussion among a community where you are in control. It’s likely that you’re exploring using Flip in your classroom or community, so we outlined the important information needed to help you move forward in your technology adoption process.  

Agreement information for administrators

We understand that schools have various obligations and laws to assess applications. If you are utilizing Flip in your School District’s classrooms or are interested in doing so, we work with individual states and school districts to formalize Data Processing Agreements (DPA). There are several options available to states and school districts:

  • We have worked with our legal team to redline the National DPA to reflect our product truth. If you are interested in pursuing an agreement for your State or School District, please reach out to us at
  • Some states and school districts also have signed agreements already in place with Flip! If your state has an existing agreement on record, it may be possible for your school district to sign onto that agreement. If you would like to find out if this is an option, please contact us at
  • If your state is a member of the Student Data Privacy Consortium, select your state alliance to see if your state has an agreement on file with Flip/Flipgrid.
  • If you are in New York, Flip is familiar with New York's ED Law 2D Rider and appreciates every institution's need to comply with this law. The Flip team and Microsoft legal team worked together to understand the law obligations and have put together an agreement that complies with the law.  Please contact us at for a copy of our rider. Once received, if you agree with the contract terms, we ask that you update it to include your institution's name and add your Parent's Bill of Rights as Exhibit A. Please return the signed contract to us. We will then sign the agreement and return it to you. 

Information for educators

If you are interested in utilizing Flip in your classroom but don’t know how to help your school district move forward, you can reach out to your district representatives with our email template for educators. Every educator that reaches out and asks for Flip, helps kick off the agreement process for your area!

Flip Privacy Policy, security and Terms of Use

Flip is used by educators throughout the world and the security and privacy of your student data is very important to us. Below are links and details about key documentation that many schools leverage to assess Flip: 

  • Flip's Terms of Use ( highlights how educators (the discussion owner) is always in control of the groups, topics, videos and access permissions.  
  • Flip's Privacy Policy ( outlines our industry-leading privacy and security commitments supported by the team at Microsoft. We abide by the Student Privacy Pledge, which pledges us to “Not collect, maintain, use or share student personal information beyond that needed for authorized educational/school purposes.” 
  • Flip's security and privacy commitments are aligned to Microsoft standards and characterized ( for your review. 
  • For Higher Ed institutions, Flip has completed the HECVAT lite form. If you would like to review this as part of your assessment, please reach out to
  • Also, for Higher Ed institutions, Flip has worked with other universities and provides a side letter to the Flip Terms of Use where venue, arbitration and indemnification clauses are adjusted.  If you would like to review this as part of your assessment, please reach out to

Flip is accessible

Flip works very hard to make sure all students' voices can be part of the discussion, regardless of how they share their voice. You can learn more information on how Flip strives to be inclusive of everyone and some of our current accessibility features here.

Contact Flip

We recognize this work is never done and so we are always open to ideas, comments, or improvements! If you have questions or recommendations, please reach out to Flip at



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