Search across your groups, topics, and videos

Important: Currently this feature is only available on the Flip app on your mobile device.

You can use the Flip search to find any content you’re connected to. Search results are from:

  • Any groups of which you’re a lead or member.
  • The topics from those groups and videos members of those groups have posted.
  • Your videos that you posted to a topic or saved to your video library.

After you enter 3 characters for your search query, Flip automatically suggests best matched results. These results change as you continue to add more characters to your query.

Note: Search doesn’t show results for hidden groups, topics, or videos. You only get results for active content.

  1. Open the Flip app.
  2. At the top right, tap Search Search__Magnifying_glass_.png.
  3. Enter your search query.
  4. From the results list under your query, select what you want or to go to the search results page, on your keyboard tap Search.
  5. Scroll and select what you searched for. All results from the search results page are sorted by type of content: Videos, Topics, or Groups.
    • To filter results by content type: At the top, select the content type you only want to see results for: Videos YouTube.png, Topics Topics.png, or Groups Groups.png. To get results for all content types again, select All All.png.

Note: To enter another search query, you must first delete the previous one. Tap the query. Then either manually delete each character or at the right of the query, tap Remove X.png.




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